Hi, I'm Chen,  

who is curious about how our universe and our minds work

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I am currently a Postdoctoral Fellow in theoretical physics at the Institute for Advanced Study of Hong Kong University of Science and Technology [link]. My previous studies include various topics such as the UV completion of the Standard Model, quark matter, compact stars and related gravitational-wave studies, and the probe of curved spacetime (like Black holes) using quantum detectors. My recent research interests include particle physics, astrophysics, cosmology, quantum gravity and artificial intelligence (deep learning).

I have vast experience in scientific computing& programming, mathematical model building, analytical& quantitative analyses, and idea brainstorming. My independent research and active collaborations have led to 17 papers in high-impact journals, among which three are single-authored. In particular, I have three articles in the most prestigious physics journal: Physics Review Letters. My pioneer research on up-down quark matter (udQM) that I jointly proposed has led to worldwide media reports, including Science and Science Magazine.  The potential experimental finding of udQM in future can eliminate the global energy crisis  (See the "On News" page).



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